As a BMW dealer, we're proud to offer you the chance to buy or lease a BMW vehicle from our inventory of new and pre-owned BMW automobiles. Regardless of your model preference, one way you can truly appreciate everything your car has to offer is to be familiar with its history. If you drive a 2016 BMW 528i, a 2017 BMW 3 Series, or another one of our luxury automobiles, having an understanding of the BMW brand's rich history will help you develop a better relationship with your vehicle and get the most out of being the owner of a BMW car.

As a Los Angeles, CA BMW dealers, we can tell you that the BMW brand was established after the Rapp Motorenwerke aircraft manufacturing company was restructured in 1917. When WWI ended in the subsequent year, the brand had to stop making plane engines to stay in compliance with the Versailles Armistice Treaty. As a result, the company focused its efforts on producing motorcycles and then vehicles beginning in 1928-1929. The first car that the brand produced was the Dixi, a vehicle that was licensed from the Austin Motor Company and derived from the Austin 7.

While the company returned to its aircraft roots as the restrictions of the Versailles Armistice Treaty were lifted and the onset of WWII loomed, its auto manufacturing division faced financial ruin by 1958. Instead of liquidating its assets, the BMW brand decided to try to capitalize on the economy car boom and purchased the rights to produce the Isa Isetta. The brand's interpretations of these small automobiles were powered by a modified version of the automaker's motorcycle engine and they were successful enough for the company to start its financial recovery.

In 1966, the BMW brand acquired the Hans Glas company. Outsiders speculated that the brand bought Hans Glas in order to gain access to the company's innovative timing belt that had an overhead camshaft, while the BMW brand maintained it purchased Hans Glas because of the company's highly qualified team of engineers.

When you visit our BMW dealership near Beverly Hills, CA, we'll tell you that the automaker bought a large share of DesignworksUSA in 1992 and acquired the entire company in 1995. In 1994, the car manufacturer purchased the UK-based Rover Group, which consisted of the Rover, Land Rover, and MG brands. Although the BMW brand sold those brands in subsequent years, it retained the rights to manufacture vehicles under the MINI marquee, which was launched in 2001.

When it comes to the development of some of the BMW brand's most popular models such as the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 7 Series, they've been influenced by some of the automotive industry's most creative thinkers over the years. These people include Chris Bangle and Adrian van Hooydonk, among many others.

If you want to learn more about the BMW brand's history or any of the vehicles we have at our BMW dealership, visit Nick Alexander BMW today. We look forward to seeing you!


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