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Family owned-and-operated since 1979, Nick Alexander Imports has an established tradition of providing long-time and new BMW owners in Los Angeles with quality service and automotive expertise. Home to the area's largest selection of new and used BMW vehicles, our BMW dealership serving Santa Monica, CA is sure to have the perfect model for any driver looking to bring a new level of sophistication and performance to their garage. Our service to you, however, does not end once you drive your new 2016 BMW 3 series off our lot. Whether your BMW is in the need of a routine wheel alignment or a major engine repair, the trusted professionals at our Los Angeles BMW Service Center are here to bring your BMW back to top performance.

While often overlooked, well-cared-for tires are a vital component of any high-performing BMW vehicle. Performing routine inspections for proper inflation and even tire wear is one of the easiest ways you can ensure that your BMW 528i is driving safely and smoothly. While a tire tread depth gauge can be used to make sure tread isn't overly worn, a penny can also do the trick. If you place a penny with the top of Abraham Lincoln's head closest to the bottom of any tread groove and can see all of Honest Abe's hair and head, it is most likely time to replace your tires.

While tires wear naturally through use, uneven wear can develop over the course of sustained driving on unaligned wheels. Such wear can be risky, as just one overly worn tire can negate any of the handling and safety benefits of the other three. These risks are only intensified when driving in the rain, as slippery roads make it harder for your tires to grip the road.

While there is no magic way to predict how long tires will last, most tires have an estimated lifespan of five years or 40,000 miles. In order to extend the life of their tires, we recommend drivers take the precaution of having their BMW model's wheels aligned by our professional mechanics annually. And whenever they visit our Tire Center serving Beverly Hills, CA, we recommend that customers purchase a full set of four BMW-approved tires in order to maintain even wear that maximizes tire life and vehicle safety.

While many drivers opt for flexible all-season tires engineered for excellent handling in all road conditions, some drivers that often venture into conditions where snow or ice are present prefer winter tires. Designed with stronger sidewalls and larger tread, performance tires also offer superior handling at high speeds to drivers who want their BMW equipped with the same kind of tires that adorn the world's most powerful vehicles.

After selling used cars in Los Angeles for nearly four decades, we know the value of a well-maintained set of tires. If you feel like your BMW vehicle's tires are overly worn or just not meeting your expectations, feel free to schedule an appointment online with the Service Center at Nick Alexander Imports conveniently located at 6333 S. Alameda Street. The experts at our Tire Center will also inspect your vehicle free of charge and help you find the perfect set of BMW-approved tires that match your needs.